10 Hours of Spanish Lessons Volume 1. 2018 Compilation. Phrases, verbs, expressions, fairy tales, idioms and more

10 Hours of Spanish Lessons part 1.Phrases, verbs, expressions, fairy tales / bed time stories audio books, idioms and more.


00:13 Spanish phrases for beginners, basic Castilian Spanish. 35:38 Irregular present participles / gerunds. 46:30 35+ Spanish stem changing verbs. 56:42 100+ Spanish phrases, expressions, idioms. 2:19:33 400+ Spanish verbs and phrases. 5:43:28 How to conjugate the verbs venir, poder, ir, ver. 6:30:25 How to conjugate the verbs hacer, caber, estar, volver. 6:51:01 4 Spanish bed time stories/fairy tales. 7:46:46 Spanish phrases, English to Spanish language, intermediate to advanced level.


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